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Welcome to the Stone Monkey Ceramics Website

Japanese award winning bonsai potter specialising in Shohin, Kifu and Chuhin size hand made pots, Stone Monkey Ceramics produce work for the discerning collector and enthusiast alike. Inspired by classic Japanese ceramics I hope to portray a "Zen" like quality in my work with subtle lines and quiet forms. Lending a timeless quality in an assured way, defying fashion and refusing to overtly call for attention. 

"The quiet pot is the enduring pot"
For all shipping of pots please contact me for a shipping quote of the pot of your choice and to your destination. I am able to ship pots worldwide, now including the USA direct from me. Shipping to the UK is included in the pot price.


You can see what I am up to on my Instagram Page and also on my Facebook Page

I will announce on social media and here when my commission book is open for orders.

15/04/24: Some pots from my "Decayed Underground" series have been added to the website for sale. These are unique one off pots that will not be repeated

"This very special edition of pots is based on my everyday job, in my final year before I retire (to pot full-time), working for London Underground. 


The edition is inspired by what I see around me in stations and the very varied, and non public parts of London. It has led me to create an edition of pots influenced by my daily surroundings and experiences. Ranging from rotting barbed wire fence posts, graffitied walls of buildings, train tracks and rusted metal structures from the industrial, and also urban, environment that I experience regularly. I have incorporated these influences and ideas into the ceramic bonsai container form to challenge the bonsai artist to use a different type container, rather than the traditional form, for this wonderful art form of bonsai that we adore and have dedicated our lives pursuing”