Stone Monkey Ceramics
Stone Monkey Ceramics

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Information about Pot No 5/6: Andrew by Tom (Restored by Thor) : £130.00

Size : 11.50(L) X 11.50(W) X 8.50(D) cm

A chance to own a rare one off Triskele Swap Pot. The pot is created by one bonsai potter and finished by another, this one is extra special as the gods of fire tried to take the pot and claim it for themselves but Thor stood fast a defied the gods of fire, took back the pot and bought it back to life against the odds.

Thor comment: “Since one of the feet was broken of, I ground the sharp edges, created a new foot, glazed it in another shade of green, and refired it. There are two chips lost on the bottom (due to being stuck to the kiln shelf) that shows the pots story. But the pot is rock solid and is now frost resistant.”

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