Stone Monkey Ceramics
Stone Monkey Ceramics

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Information about Pot No.3/6 Tom by Andrew : £150.00

Size : 10.00(L) X 10.00(W) X 10.00(D) cm

A chance to own a rare one off Triskele Swap Pot. The pot is created by one bonsai potter and finished by another

Andy’s comment: " I received the raw pot that Tom had made for me and I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do. However after tidying up my studio I found an old stamp that I thought I would like to incorporate into the pot. So is used the stamp around the rim and also the bottom and threw in some extra Triskele stamps for good measure. Not sure what I was thinking about with the feet, probably the fact that my wife does a lot of circus inspired sculpture had somehow rubbed off on me when I did the feet, looks kind of cool though I think. The pot was glazed with an oatmeal glaze that allowed the iron in to clay to peak through. I really love this pot it has great form a volume an would look superb with a flowering tree like a pink Chojubai in it". 

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