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Information about Triskele Pot 20. Andy Basket Case Stoneware Pot : £95.00

Size : 12.50(L) X 12.50(W) X 7.50(D) cm

20. Andy Stoneware Basketcase Pot

Andy says:

“Tom guided me how to do the basket detailing on this pot with a simple tool. At first it was raku fired pure black, which did not do the pot justice. So, I re-bisque fired the pot and then glazed it in an oatmeal tan glaze, again this did not work. I applied some metal oxides and then a clear crackle glaze and fired the pot again. This thrice fired pot has come out really well and it is one that I would keep for myself if I could and I am really proud of the new technique that I have in my ceramic arsenal”

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